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Thank you for finding Monicas’ Hope Ministry, MHM.  This NEW (‘23) lay ministry originated at Christ the King RCC in Towson, Maryland. Our apostolate is dedicated to mentoring other parishes, small groups, or individuals (through lay leadership) to plant a garden of HOPE by cultivating a MHM Branch of their own, all while tending to our own local Vineyard.  Trusting in the Holy Spirit and ALWAYS looking to Mary for guidance, we are dedicated to the mission of the conversion of souls. 

The Vineyard Branch Gathering has been inspired by the Holy Spirit to create and share a unique prayer service that includes original and traditional prayers, music and singing, scripture reflection, small group intercessory prayer, and other acts of reverence. 

So, WHY are we doing this?  

Monicas HOPE!

Why on EARTH would we do this?  

We are busy ladies with lives and families of our own!  Separately, we are involved in other ministries, have horses, take care of our grandchildren, attend mass regularly, garden, go on pilgrimages, and more. 

We, at MHM, are NOT doing what we are doing for EARTHLY rewards, or for that matter, for Heavenly.  We have been called.  We are answering the call as best we can.  We hear the cries of our loved ones’ souls crying out and longing to bask in God’s Love, the ONLY LOVE that cures the torments of the soul. 

Let us help YOU cultivate a branch (parish gathering), a twig (a small group), a leaf (two or three friends), or a bud (an individual or a couple) that best suits YOUR needs. 

While we recommend attending a branch gathering in the presence of Our Blessed Lord, we recognize that today’s hectic lifestyles can get in the way which is why we have Monicas’ Menu of choices to tailor certain prayers and offering to your needs.  For example, during the week or while traveling take about 7 minutes and pray the Monicas’ Hope Chaplet knowing that there is a healthy growing community with you praying the Chaplet, too.

Meet Our Team

Josie Stec



Axel Farrow


St. Monica’s example converted her husband and mother-in-law Even though the fourth-century saint was a Christian, her parents gave her away to a man named Patritius. Both he and his mother were pagans and had violent tempers. St. Monica endured this with patience and kindness, and her example eventually led to their conversions to Christianity.

She prayed for St. Augustine for 17 years before his conversion. Much of what St. Monica is known for is her persistence in prayer. Her son, St. Augustine of Hippo, lived a life of immorality, most notably that of lust and impurity, before converting to Christianity. Throughout these years, she endured a tremendous amount of suffering. Augustine rejected her on multiple accounts, but she continued to love, pray and nurture her son throughout his wayward time.

She felt discouraged, but never gave up. St. Monica cried many times over her son’s transgressions, but received affirmation from God on several accounts. St. Monica had a dream in which she wept over her son, and a figure told her that he was still with her. In his autobiography, The Confessions of Saint Augustine, St. Augustine wrote, “that it was my soul’s doom she was lamenting…” The figure told her to be at peace, and “see that where she was there I was also.” She also received encouragement from a local bishop, who told her that “God’s time will come.” He added, “Go now, I beg you; it is not possible that the son of so many tears should perish.”

She knew her purpose in life St. Monica wept, prayed and sacrificed for her son for many years. Her greatest desire in life was to see her son’s conversion to Catholicism, and once this happened, she believed her purpose in life had been fulfilled. She said to Augustine just a few days before she came down with a fever that caused her death: “My son, speaking of myself, nothing earthly delights me any longer. I do not know why I am still here or why I should remain here. I have no further earthly desires.”

She is the patron saint of wives, mothers, conversions, alcoholics and abuse victims. Especially in a time where conversion is needed in our world and we see the tragedy of abuse everwhere, St. Monica is a great example of faith and hope. God’s grace is infinite, and he will never abandon us, even if it seems as if he is not present. Let us look to St. Monica’s example of persistence—that God will never abandon us, even in the hardest of times.



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